Lartu’s Mini-RPG One Week Jam: Deck Quest: Jam Edition

“Deck Quest: Jam Edition” by Benjamin Mike Kiefer & Seii.

“[A] card-based, strategy [role-playing game.] […] Recruit and build up your party of heroes and [travel] the [land], to get rid of the evil[.]”

Even though you do not directly control your heroes in “Deck Quest: Jam Edition”, your own influence on their success is surprisingly high! First, you choose a character from four classes – knight, mage, priest or thief – and you decide if you want to start with ten or up to twenty event cards. These event cards are important, because they will lead your hero group to a certain point of the game. A card with a white skull for example represents a rather easy fight, while a jug of beer means a visit in the pub where you can recruit another hero, while card with a treasure chest symbol will offer you some loot et cetera.

But these events do not just happen completely random, as you have to choose between three randomly picked event cards. One of them is always hidden and can be unlocked by paying ten coins. New event cards can be bought via the gashapon machine in the downer right corner for twenty-five coins. That is why to succeed in “Deck Quest: Jam Edition”, you will have to think strategically. Fight against monsters to get new coins, get stronger, recruit new heroes and try to beat the end boss of each world to proceed. >>PLAY