Lost Cartridge Jam: Drop The Adventure

“Drop The Adventure” by Amir Bayareh.

“Guide Drop through the castle, [gather] as many gems as possible and defeat the monsters that haunt the land! Use your guide line to align your movement and set the proper power guage to throw Drop around the stages.”

“Drop The Adventure” may be the most child-friendly jam game we recommended this year, but at the same time it offers some amazing challenges for adults as well. So what do I find child-friendly about it? For one, the graphics are made in a minimalistic retro pixel art style and the objects in general show off a clear intention and thereby a goal. Gems? Those are good, better collect them all to gather points! Slimes, bats and acid-fireball-spitting dragons? Ugh, these are the baddies, better bounce on them to fight them off.

But the simple control schemes are also very easy to pick up. You simply guide Drop in the right direction with your left and right arrow keys, while you control its speed with the up and down keys. A quick press on the spacebar and voilà, the move is done. The bouncy feedback of the character is highly enjoyable for any age and sometimes an assumed unlucky shot proves to be a great chain reaction.

Like I said in the first paragraph though, “Drop The Adventure” is not for kids only. The design of the twenty levels gets trickier in a subtle way. And while it doesn’t seem that collecting all jewelry is necessary, a higher score is still advisable to have, as each continue after a game over costs some 50.000 points. Also, they are very limited. So come on and join this fun adventure with its amazing retro style! >>PLAY