#LOWREZJAM 2018: Legend of Xenia 3D

“Legend of Xenia 3D” by Anders Pedersenkbjwes77 & Jan Vorisek.

“Tiny first-person Zelda-like with a resolution of just 64×64 pixels.”

What probably impressed me most about “Legend of Xenia 3D” is the extremely successful implementation of a first-person perspective in a fantasy scenario within the resolution limitations. The degree of detail of individual objects such as the shrubs or the buildings is relatively high, the slimes look very fantastic and in fact the whole game gives me appealing “The Legend of Zelda” vibes – but I guess that the sword fighting and the bomb spell might have been some important influences for the last factor.

While the story has not been fully worked out – some twists and events are not explained further after they happen -, the game still has some great potential for further development. For a good ten to fifteen minutes you will feel wonderfully amused, you can enjoy the sweet graphics and sound design and, once again, just wonder about what all is possible in the context of a short game jam. Great work! >>PLAY