LOWREZJAM 2019: Poly-60

“Poly-60” by Ferran Bertomeu CastellsYenTing Lo.

“Explore polymetric rhythms or try to puzzle the top display’s holes.”

Great audio games are hard to find, but great audio puzzle games are an absolute rarity! In “Poly-60”, you can either just play around with the rhythms, which makes it a fun digital toy, or you can solve neat little puzzles. In the upper section of the game, you can see short lines. By activating one of the seven rhythm channels, you fill them with a note. When all the little bricks of the lines are filled with a note and no unneeded notes are used, you solved the puzzle and also created a sweet little beat! But that can be quite difficult sometimes, as over ten billion combinations are possible. Do not worry too much though, as it is easier than it sounds. [PLAY]