Ludum Dare 24: Beetlefield : The Forecast

“Beetlefield : The Forecast” by Benjamin Soulé.

“Bid for the team that [you think] will win the battle. If you succe[ed] the loser team gain a new evolution. Then, you’ll have to think again the issue of next battle until you fail.”

I promise, the following sentence is no lie: I spent over ten hours playing “Beetlefield : The Forecast”. It nailed the theme of the twenty-fourth edition of the Ludum Dare 24, which was “Evolution”, in such a simply perfect way. You bet on one of the two beetle teams, they fight against each other, and if your decision was right, the team that lost gets a new feature. This procedure repeats itself as long as your winning streak continues. And hey, when you lose you can get a ‘DNA Code’ to send to your friends, so that they can try to fight against your team! >>PLAY