Ludum Dare 31: a TV Show or a One Screen Game

“a TV Show or a One Screen Game“ by Marat Arutyunov, Anton Vasiliev, Jane Katsubo, Timofey Mazurenko, Andrey Salik & Alexey Tikunov.

“You are a […] TV-set. You can change channels and show the family members their favourite or unloved programmes. Your goal is to bring the whole family together […] and make them watch you.“

This one is such an adorable and smart game: A great audiovisual presentation, a cute story and a pretty clever puzzle design as well! I can’t believe it’s been their first Ludum Dare entry ever!

You have to figure out if the sitcom channel can bring more family members together than the news and more – also, it’s not always just one button which will do the job. Often it relys on the correct order… Good work, seriously.