Ludum Dare 33: Delicious Cortex

“Delicious Cortex” by Sébastien Bénard.

“You are the Lich King. The annoying City Watch is messing around your domain so you take the only decision that fits such a situation: [Y]ou invoke minions to kill everyone[.] […] [Y]ou don’t control your minions directly. You just lead them around and try to give them orders. […] [T]hey’re zombies, so don’t expect to much.”

The mechanics of “Delicious Cortex” are simple and clever at the same time. Gather your zombie troops and then shout one of two commands to them: Staying at your side or releasing them, so that they can do as they please. In the second case, they will attack humans or objects like wooden boxes. Quite addicting puzzle fun! >>PLAY