Ludum Dare 37: 13 jellyfish

“13 jellyfish” by Four Quarters team (Dmitry Karimov, Alexander Goryeslavets, Alexander Vartazaryan & Dmitry Lagutov).

“With [a pirate crew] you go by ancient maps in search of [mysterious] treasure! […] [The player] can choose only [two pirates] at the same time. Every pirate [has their] own unique role for various situations[.] [Keep] your eye on […] [the] food and ship health.”

If you like playing games that have a focus on timing- and strategy-related components, then “13 jellyfish” should be the next one you try out. Personally I find it to be very challenging, as I only made it once to the treasure in ten attempts. It also features some gorgeously pixelated pirates. Figure out the roles of each pirate type and how to use them in each specific situation, so that you and your crew will have a safe trip on the waters. >>PLAY