Ludum Dare 37: Treasure Chest #08

Screenshot of "Mechaxolotl Rampage"

“Mechaxolotl Rampage” by Félix Pinchon, Julien Cabezas & Cédric Bagein.

Control a stamping destruction machine, which is a combination of a tank and a helicopter, to whip out all humans in your way.

Screenshot of "White Room"

“White Room” by MementoGames (Henrique de Aguiar & ​Fernando Molon Toigo).

This shooter challenges you to paint the walls with your gun in the specific color of a painted ball, before said ball can hit them.

Screenshot of "Moving In"

“Moving In” by impbox.

After moving out of your old house, you have to figure out how to place all your stuff in the new apartment.