Ludum Dare 38: A Mind Is A Small Place

“A Mind Is A Small Place” by Juju Adams, Daniel Marques, Chris Anselmo & Jan Vorisek.

“This is a brief and simple game that tries to communicate how isolating life can be through the eyes of depression. Any kind of illness takes its toll on a family, especially in cases [where] a condition can last indefinitely. This is a story about two people.”

“A Mind Is A Small Place” is an unusually deep and emotional piece. Through lots of visual, spatial and mechanical metaphors, the game tells a short story about depression from the lens of someone dealing with the illness. The player works their way between dark rooms in solitude, their only connection with the outside world provided via a telephone. But, the voice on the other end of the line quickly turns from comforting to distressing, as it becomes apparent that the connection is only one way, and the player has no control over their deteriorating relationship. >>PLAY