Ludum Dare 38: DONATA

“DONATA” by Garlic Kisses (René Rother & Sarah Marie Hiebl).

What can games be? What should games be? How can the player interact with the game besides the average control schemes? “DONATA” asks those questions in a weird, but still kind of subtle way, because you have to look out not only for the answers, but also for the questions yourself.

In the video to this article you will find all three big endings featured in “DONATA”, but there is more stuff to discover for you. (For example, why do you not try out to let Antonio survive by not shooting him?) However, I highly encourage you to try it for yourself. It is seriously one of the most clever and also most underrated jam games I ever played in my whole life. Goodbye, Matteo. Goodbye, big brother. >>PLAY