Ludum Dare 38: Echo Lands

“Echo Lands” by Tijmen Tio.

“[A] roguelike game where the land you stand on gets smaller everytime you get hit. When you fall off you lose. Furthermore does the world around you change instead of you moving to a place as a player.”

While I personally find the keyboard controls a bit too ‘slippery’, I must admit that “Echo Lands” is a hilarious game overall! The whole concept reminds me a bit of the “Bumper Balls” mini game in the “Mario Party” titles – just that you have to fight against all members! Also, the concept of losing and growing the world space is very nice and adds an element of excitement to the whole game.

What might be of interest for many of you: The game features a co-op mode as well as controller support – so it can be double fun for you all! Oh, and sometimes you might get lucky and find a little chest with a fancy sword in it. Sweet! So join us in a fight against mini slimes, bigger slimes, mean slimes, coward skeletons as well as flying skulls! >>PLAY