Ludum Dare 38: Little Lands

“Little Lands” by Robin Field & Billy Hobson.

“[A] short strategy city-builder prototype about building on a cluster of tiles that randomly connect to your land over time[.]”

In my books, “Little Lands” is not really a prototype, as it already feels like a pretty polished and complete jam entry to me. At the start of this city-building game, you have a very small space to build on – just roundabout fifteen, maybe twenty tiles. After some time passes, new tiles will be added and your world starts to grow. Sometimes the tiles are plain grass, sometimes they are forming a lake, a tiny forest or just a bunch of stones.

In that scenario you have to figure out the best tactics to keep your workers happy with food, but also how to gather three hundred units of each resource type to build a flying ship to escape from this floating island. However, every now and then some pirates will come by and shoot your world in “Little Lands”, which will then shrink tile by tile as long as you do not defend yourself properly. >>PLAY