Ludum Dare 38: Obelisk

“Obelisk” by Joram VandemoorteleStroeckx & Sooi Cherchye.

“[A] puzzle game that is built up from 9 chunks. Chunks have bridges that drop down when they align with each other. Two lit chunks can be swapped with each other. Some of them are linked together with connectors and can be rotated from a distance. Some have walls that divide the chunk into two parts. Sometimes you’re joined by a partner and you have to get through the level together.”

Besides the fantastic minimalistic, but not a bit boring art style and the sweet audio design “Obelisk” has some very satisfying feedback. The rising of the chunks as well as the operating of the wheels is a delight and gives me the feeling of truly interacting with the world and its design. Also you have to enable cooperative thinking from time to time. That way “Obelisk” is a wonderful puzzle game which deserves to be played by you. >>PLAY