Ludum Dare 38: Our little island

“Our little island” by Rick Hoppmann, Asmo & TrisNQuads.

“Two […] brothers [try] to build […] a new garden on a little island. But they can only succeed if they work together.”

“Our little island” is a short game about companionship and home building. The players have to keep the small brother happily fed while he fishes, while they use the materials retrieved from the water to grow food in their garden and construct the new home.

Everything about this game is small, fitting the theme of the thirty-eighth edition of the Ludum Dare, which was “A Small World”. The gameplay is quite minimal, and playtime is less than five minutes. The brothers live on what appears to be a rock, partially submerged in a small river. This tiny touch, combined with a photo-realistic environment and hand-drawn elements, results in “Our little island” being a very cute and lovable little game. >>PLAY