Ludum Dare 38: Path of the Rabbit

“Path of the Rabbit” by Daniel Linssen​.

“[Build] a small world full of paths for your rabbit to follow. [You] can build on top of old tiles, but you can only build five tiles wide, five tiles deep and five tiles tall. [Run] out of water or carrots and its game over!”

The gameplay of “Path of the Rabbit” is simply fantastic and intriguing. I spent over an hour play it, just to win at least once. With each step the rabbit makes, it will recover some health, represented by the carrots. It will lose health if it fights against foxes or other critters. Also you have to make sure that the rabbit drinks in at least one of six turns.

But what I really love about that game is the tile stacking mechanic, as it makes it even more difficult to keep an eye over the whole board. Why is that important? Because you will lose if you cannot move any longer. There is even a boss fight in the end. >>PLAY