Ludum Dare 38: Planetone

“Planetone” by Michael Shillingburg.

“[A] planetary music sequencer in which players grow plants to create melodies.”

I was drawn at first to “Planetone” by its incredibly vibrant graphics, but what I discovered when I launched it was even more incredible. The game is described as a “planetary music sequencer” in which plants are your instruments. When an orbiting bar of light passes over them, trees and sprouts play various synth sounds at a pitch relative to their height on the planet, and cacti play percussion. As the bar passes over sprouts, they grow larger, until they eventually get too tall and disappear, making room for a new instrument.

This game is very entrancing. My composition started as a small idea scattered around the planet, but with each pass of the light, I added a new layer – or a new idea – until I was drowning in the soundscape I had created. Eventually, parts of my composition would die off, and I would be left scrambling to fill the void with new ideas, and more layers in “Planetone”. >>PLAY