Ludum Dare 38: Regular Monday

“Regular Monday” by Angry Squirrels (Thomas Baudon, EsquimauPeche, Bolä, Stéphane Grossoleil, Julien Lelievre & Ynk).

“Help Noruberuto to make his way to work, […] [and make sure that he does] not […] squash too many people[.]”

You may be a giant monster named Noruberuto in “Regular Monday”, but you do not want to rampage a city or anything. To the contrary, you have to balance out the movements of the kaijū to reduce the damage. Every now and then you will encounter little kids, dogs or even school buses. In these cases you will have to win a little mini game, where you have to press buttons either quickly or in the right time, to avoid more potential victims.

But what I really adore about “Regular Monday” are all the comic strips and small cutscenes. The visual art style is pretty amazing and I wish I could see even more of it. So go ahead and help Godzilla’s clumsy cousin to get to work successfully. >>PLAY