Ludum Dare 38: Signal?

“Signal?” by Thomas Purnell.

“[Enter the world of the poor quality video cassette recorder. Such wonders await beyond the blue door. Can you find the code? Rewind time. Shoot at television screens.]”

“Signal?” is wonderful in its very own way. Here you have to deal with some kind of ‘void beams’, which will erase you out from the existence in your weird video cassette recorder world. Walls will shoot those beam rays, obscure apparatuses with heart monitors will do the same, so you have to act careful in this hostile environment.

However, there is no reason to be afraid, as you are in advantage thanks to your fancy time rewinding abilities. They will allow you to hide or stand still at the right time, and also you can solve the time-based door puzzles inside of “Signal?” with them. >>PLAY