Ludum Dare 38: Snowed In

“Snowed In” by Dave Lloyd, Jonathan Murphy, Louis D. Meyer, Adrian Vaughan & Gavin Kusters.

“This is a story about a young girl named Tabitha[,] […] [which involves] a mysterious cottage, a terrifying witch […] [and] a foul-mouthed badger named Colin! Tilt and shake a bewitched [snow globe] to guide the cursed Tabitha in this fully narrated fairy tale.”

“Snowed In” is a playable, not really family-friendly fairy tale with an amazing narrator, funny writing as well as wonderful aesthetics. Interact with the magic snow globe by tilting and shaking it to get apples and other important items, discover the little secrets and enjoy especially the occurence of Colin, the meanest badger in the world. >>PLAY