Ludum Dare 38: The Deep

“The Deep” by RAC7 Games (Jesse Ringrose & Jason Ennis) & Gordon McGladdery.

“Take command of one of our state of the art mining vessels today! Learn new skills such as navigation[.] Enjoy friendly messages from headquarters, each and every day[. You will] have a blast using our exciting [advanced drilling system.] Master the art of docking, loading, and even unloading[.] We guarantee there will be almost no Leviathan attacks[.]”

I adore games like “The Deep”, which try to synchronize analogue movements with the game mechanics; especially the rotating of the various wheels of the submarine feels amazing to me. This concept in combination with the neat art style and the great audio design give away the feeling, that much work and thought was put into this project.

Also, the atmosphere is quite interesting, because it has a somewhat oppressive nature. For example, your employer can be your best friend or your worst enemy – besides the Leviathans, of course -, so if you are doing great work, then everything is fine. But do you not dare to make a single mistake in “The Deep”, or the letters will not be so lovely worded any longer. >>PLAY