Ludum Dare 38: Treasure Chest #25

Screenshot of "Fast & Faeries"

“Fast & Faeries” by Andrew C. Wang.

A lively and joyful racing game between fairies in a magical forest. Try to figure out the best route to the finish line and jump into the dandelion blossoms, as they give you a extra boost.

Screenshot of "Flavola"

“Flovala” by Circus Marcus, larzan & Foya.

Wander around in a beautiful world to munch some of your enemies, if they are smaller than you. However, if they are bigger, then better move away. The artwork as well as the music are a relaxing pleasure.

Screenshot of "A World in a Jar"

“A World in a Jar” by Zeknir & Traincraft.

Figure out the correct combinations of different kinds of soil and seeds to create new plants. This way you will complete your plant encyclopedia, which also offers some hints about the remaining undiscovered flowers and how to unlock them.