Ludum Dare 38: Treasure Chest #26

Screenshot of "tinyarena"

“tinyarena” by rxi.

Fight your enemies with pistols, rocket launchers and rail guns. If you play the campaign mode, then you will have to achieve your victory under specific conditions.

Screenshot of "Tiny Planet Defense"

“Tiny Planet Defense” by Phantom Ignition (Rafael Almeida & nidhoggn).

Upgrading and shooting madness in space with dolphin-like aliens. The whole visual representation is just great and the building of a defense with stacked shield platforms adds a nice tactical touch to the gameplay.

Screenshot of "Monolith"

“Monolith” by Sam Loeschen & David Carney.

This shooter uses shaders in a beautiful way. Gameplay-wise you should be aware that before you can actually shoot your foes, you have to lock them as targets first.