Ludum Dare 38: Treasure Chest #29

Screenshot of "Brainstorm 38"

“Brainstorm 38” by Géraud Zucchini.

A metagame about the creative processes of a game developer who wants to create a platformer for a Ludum Dare. While the platformer itself might not be too challenging, I adore the whole setting, the art style and the kind of storytelling.

Screenshot of "Pod2000"

“Pod2000” by Pierre Allard, Nicolas Dupont, Adrien Pétremann, Gildas Quéméner, toxinu, Mylène Larnaud & Baptiste Quéméner.

In this atmospheric text adventure you have to give commands via a console to a rover robot, who should explore a planet and build several little modules on it. There are at least two different endings to it.

Screenshot of "Uncharted Dreams - Fate of the Miniatures"

“Uncharted Dreams – Fate of the Miniatures” by Franklin’s Ghost.

This surreal platformer with its neon aesthetics and animations is wonderful to look at.