Ludum Dare 38: Treasure Chest #34

Screenshot of "Glass Houses"

“Glass Houses” by Diptoman Mukherjee, Joel Montpetit & Pranjal Bisht.

A short interactive novel with two different endings about a small world inside a snow globe, where something bad happens. Will you let your fear control your actions?

Screenshot of "Scenes in a Globe"

“Scenes in a Globe” by Noah RatcliffJoshua McLean.

A little virtual toy, where you can explore several environments by moving them in any direction you want to. The audio design will stimulate your imagination.

Screenshot of "Tiny Worlds in Flasks"

“Tiny Worlds in Flasks” by Sofia da Silva.

Build your own little environments, like a small water world with a shark, sea lilies and a ship or a tiny forest with a campfire or some meadow with a pond and some birds. All of them will look beautiful for sure.