Ludum Dare 39: August 25th 2017

“August 25th 2017” by Edu Verzinsky, Beícoli, Mohammed Bakir Khawam, Josué Monchan, Quike Zárraga & Fernando Labarta.

“Every [five] days, one out of the [five non-player characters] in this nogame will die. […] An empty room means that someone died there. Someone you [could have] met if [you had] played this game just a few days earlier.”

“Running out of power”, the theme of the thirty-ninth Ludum Dare, is a theme that can let you as a game designer think of several interpretations. Obvious choices would be political power and electricity of course. But there are two things in the world that you can never escape from: Time and death. Slowly but steadily they follow all of us, and “August 25th 2017” illustrates that in a perfect way.

Every five days, one character of the fifth non-player characters will simply vanish, nearly as if the Earth had swallowed them up. You can be the witness of the eternal consequence, as you will see the emptiness. By showing that off in such a direct way, the altgame “August 25th 2017” is a dark, but wonderful reminder that we should all spend our time on this planet with caution, passion and some love. >>PLAY