Ludum Dare 39: Embers

“Embers” by Alvaro Bermejo & Laura de Castro.

“You are a castaway trying to survive on an mysterious island where it seems that you are not alone. [Collect] resources during the day and [survive] the threats of the night.”

As with the many potential themes of running out of power, hunger and sanity is its own type of power. When given only so many hours in a day, do you focus on hunger or your sanity? In “Embers” you have to keep the best balance you can in order to live long enough to be rescued. This adorable game really drew me in with its music and pixel art. The design of the whole game is adorable, and for a game about conserving sanity while not going hungry, that is quite an achievement. The sound design feels incredible to me, from the sound of grabbing fish to adding wood to the fire. >>PLAY