Ludum Dare 39: Engolasters January 2021

“Engolasters January 2021” by Deconstructeam (Jordi de Paco, Marina González & Fingerspit) & Pablo Gómez.

“The events depicted in this game are based in a real incident that will happen in January 2021 near the small mountain town of Engolasters, Andorra.”

Imagine that you are obsessed with paranormal phenomenons: Aliens, witches, fairies, whatever rows your boat. So obsessed, that you force your partner and your child to move with you into the mountains, so you can research more. One day, you actually find traces of such a phenomenon, but in the same moment, your family seems to break apart as your teenager son wants to run away. What do you do? That is the question you must ask yourself in “Engolasters January 2021”.

But it gets even worse, as you just got attacked by an unidentified lifeform and are about to die. Your phone battery is depleting as well. The fuel of your car is limited, too. What will you do with these resources? Calling your son or your husband? Do you want to search for the creature that left a wound in your body? Will you try to drive back home? Another option would be to simply die in the snow – but is that really what you want?

There are several endings to find in the wonderfully atmospheric, mysterious “Engolasters January 2021”, and all of them are remarkable in their own way. I find it fascinating how many different parts of that game find an interesting connection with the theme of the thirty-eighth Ludum Dare, which was “Running out of Power”, as with each action you will lose some and thereby control over the situation. Each step has a consequence, so to speak. >>PLAY