Ludum Dare 39: HackOS

“HackOS” by Steven Miller.

“[Hack] into systems[,] move windows[,] recharge[,] deactivate nodes[.]”

“HackOS” is a minimalistic puzzle game with some absolutely excellent level design, which might drive you crazy thanks to its difficulty every now and then. In the early stage of the game, you just have to find short ways to get to the white square nodes and sometimes you have to recharge as well, as your movements are limited.

But in the later puzzles you will be confronted with a little window, which allows you to switch from one end to another – horizontal as well as vertical, if both ends are connected -, but also with locked tiles. Whenever you stand on such a locked field and it is the only layer, you will not be able to move the window anymore, because a locked tile could lay over a recharge station or a node or a free tile as well. If this short description sounds too confusing right now, I highly recommend you to play “HackOS” yourself, because you definitely do not want to miss out on this brain-twisting jam game. >>PLAY