Ludum Dare 39: HE BEAT HER.

“HE BEAT HER.” by Angela He.

“[You are] a lawyer, and your client is being accused of abuse. You only have [five] minutes until the verdict. […] What will you do in those minutes? And can your actions make a difference? Find the truth. Serve justice. […] A mystery interactive story[.]

First of all, I have to say that the whole artwork and the music in “HE BEAT HER.” is simply amazing. But what is the game about? Let me warn you, as this article will contain some spoilers from now on.

In this interactive novel you have to find out the truth behind a crime case. Your client is accused of physical as well as psychological abuse towards his ex-girlfriend. But as soon as you might find out more, you will discover that the whole case is far more complex than it seemed at first glance. “HE BEAT HER.” is actually a story about a very extreme (!) case of bipolar disorder, abuse and downtrodden memories.

Again, please keep that in mind when you play “HE BEAT HER.”: The displayed behavior is not impossible, but very uncommon for people who are affected by the disorder. I think the game should provide a bit more information about it, so that the interactive novel does not stand a chance to possibly contributing to the already existing stigmatization of bipolar people. Besides that, it is a fantastic jam submission, which is sure to surprise you with its several endings. >>PLAY