Ludum Dare 39: PowerCubeStationBox™

“PowerCubeStationBox™” by Jaun & JO13.

“PowerCubeStationBox™” lets you play a little platformer game inside the game with a frustrating, but also clever twist: The power of your weird game console is draining. And whenever it depletes too much, the console screen will get darker until you cannot see anything anymore. What is even worse is the fact that, when there is no power left in the in-game-console, you will have to restart the platformer completely.

To restore some energy, you have to rotate the console to come to a special part of it which needs some shaking. Right afterwards you need to push a red button. Then you are finally able to rotate the console back, so you can see the front screen again and keep playing. That procedure must be repated over and over again. However, there are also some other parts of the odd entertainment system “PowerCubeStationBox™”, which you will need to figure out for yourself. >>PLAY