Ludum Dare 39: Rise Shine Fall

“Rise Shine Fall” by Margarita Skomorokh & Yuliya Kozhemyako.

“[A] game where you can learn secret shamanic techniques and experience what it means to be truly connected to nature. You will feel powerful… [Or] powerless? Maybe sometimes it is better […] to let it go.”

In “Rise Shine Fall”, you play as a shaman on a dream-like island full of trees. By humming in front of them you assure that they stay healthy. But as there are so many of them, you will never be able to take care of them all. When a tree has no life energy left, it will die and just leave a soulless collection of dead branches. Also, the sun of this mystical island shrinks and will fall down if you do not hum for it as well. With this simple gameplay, its stunning visuals and the magnificient sound design, this submission is one of the hidden gems of the thirty-eighth Ludum Dare for me and I am just glad that it exists. >>PLAY