Ludum Dare 39: Socket Punch!

“Socket Punch!” by Simex, Hengen & Ganiester.

You play as a rebel robot fighting hordes of enemies whilst simultaneously managing your power. Your power is both your health and stamina bar, where moves and actions will drain both health and speed.”

“Socket Punch!” is a fast-paced gladiatorial themed brawler game in which you assume the role of a mechanical fighter. Using only your robotic fists, you must fight your way through the oncoming hoards of bloodthirsty machinery. Throwing a rapid array of heavy punches and bolts of electricity, you will launch your assailants through the air, reducing their pristine metallic bodies to mere scraps of metal. Every action performed gradually reduces your power supply, which acts as both your stamina and lifeline.

Draining your energy will cause your fighter to slow down, resulting in sluggish movements, which is quite a precarious situation to be in during the midst of battle. Upon depletion you will be greeted with the glaring visage of a game over screen, your character reduced to a lifeless husk. To save you from this seemly inevitable fate, towering pillars regularly sprout up amongst the carnage. Each of these pillars are fitted with numerous sockets, allowing you to recharge mid-battle via the use of your extendable power cord.

As you progress through the waves of enemies, new types of machines are thrown into the mix, each baring a unique fighting style. This adds variety to the game and keeps the action fresh throughout the whole experience. All of this makes “Socket Punch!” highly enjoyable, as its unique power-based mechanics are a refreshing take on the fighting genre. >>PLAY