Ludum Dare 40: 33 (A Regular Life)

“33 (A Regular Life)” by Edu Verzinsky, Beícoli, Mohammed Bakir Khawam, Quike Zárraga & Ivan Papiol.

“A game about a room.”

Each time you kill a person in “33 (A Regular Life)” by pressing a little switch on your television set, you get hundred points. With these points you can buy three items out of a catalogue for thirty-three points each. That is the whole gameplay in here, and as simple as it sounds, it opens up room for questions after the intention behind the altgame. You might interpret that concept as a critique of senseless consumerism or as a plea against capitalism or as a manifesto against the stultification of the people with the help of mass media. Eventually, all of this does not matter, because that is by far not the really good part of this strange jam entry; at least not for me.

What I think is really fascinating about “33 (A Regular Life)” is the construction of the game world via the television program. When you watch it closely, you may find an interesting story about the political scenario of this strange world. A story about fascism, militarism, totalitarism. Each fragment of the news and commercials gives you a little more insight, which is a great way of storytelling. >>PLAY