Ludum Dare 40: Between Stations

“Between Stations” by Sand Gardeners (Sam MachellColin Le Duc).

“You [cannot] remember what time it is, but you know it is late. You have just checked into your room at the Brownie Cove Hotel. The bed is lumpy and you [cannot] sleep, but the [television set looks] tempting.”

There was always something fascinating for me about the static on a television screen. It is a bit like a transition state, a waiting room for the eyes and the mind as well. You are starving for another input. You want to be taken to another place. But there are just all those grey, nearly dead pixels, which may look alike, but thanks to their wandering above the screen they also seem to be alive. Like a swarm of tiny creatures, which are waiting for the right command to build up a new world. “Between Stations” catches this scenario perfectly and is such an amazing narrative experience, that I really hope that you will play it. >>PLAY