Ludum Dare 40: Dog-Off!

“Dog-Off!” by Joseph Thomson & Robert Thomson.

“Every year, connoisseurs of fine dining come from around the globe to cram as many hot dogs as possible down their gullets in [ninety] seconds. […] Do you have what it takes to keep your food down and make it onto the online [leaderboard]?”

In the hot dog eating contest “Dog-Off!”, you have to grab and gulp as many of the dishes as possible. While doing so, you will encounter your three worst enemies: A dry mouth, the meat sweats as well as dizziness. You can fight them by performing special movements in a specific order in a certain timeframe. If you fail to do so, you will vomit five of the precious sausages out of your stomach and thereby lose points. Overall, this jam submission is a goofy one with some great pixel art! >>PLAY