Ludum Dare 40: For Better or For Worse

“For Better or For Worse” by Philémon Belhomme, Yoann Laulan, Etienne Makowski, Bernard Stouls & Mathieu Capdegelle.

“You play as a father, on his way to attend his daughter’s wedding. His car got stranded, forcing him to take an odd path full of memories. The more he remembers, the more the night rises, but his lamp torch is here blowing shadows away. Can you make it until dawn and be there for her[?]”

“For Better or For Worse” is top-notch in the aesthical and atmospherical aspects. It lets the player discover a poetical story about a father and his love to his daughter. But while he tries to remember their shared path, he encounters some shadows. What could these creatures be? >>PLAY