Ludum Dare 40: Guinea Post – Rodent Delivery

“Guinea Post – Rodent Delivery” by Dennis Kröner.

“Enjoy the thrills of experiencing life as a guinea pig post office worker! Can you survive stamping letters, sorting parcels and even checking bank accounts for five days?”

By combining the gameplay of “Papers, Please” with the control scheme of “Cook, Serve, Delicious!”, shifting the result into an obscure guinea world setting, “Guinea Post – Rodent Delivery” is a fast-paced, amazing jam entry. With each game day you have to master new skills like adding postage stamps to unstamped letters and packages, sorting different types of parcels, checking the bank accounts of your customers to give out money or let them be detained, wrapping up gifts and even defusing bomb letters from mobsters. Of course, the line of waiting customers will raise steadily. Glory to Guineatzka, next! >>PLAY