Ludum Dare 40: Ignorance is Bliss

“Ignorance is Bliss” by Aurel Bílý & EidoVolta.

“You take control of an AI (AICO) which oversees the surveillance of the city Metro via console. You are investigating a possible rebellion. [Surveil] the city for a couple of days while listening to phone conversations, wiretapping buildings, and more.”

Well, the quote as well as the screenshot should have already convinced you to play that amazing game, so instead I want to tell you a bit about Aurel Bílý: Aurel is a fantastic game developer, who keeps getting better with each jam he participates in. Still, he’s bit of an insiders’ tip, because it’s uncommon to read about him or his games in bigger blogs and magazines. And that’s quite a shame; in this case, ignorance is certainly not a bliss!

In my opinion “Ignorance is Bliss” is right now his masterpiece in the sense of creating a continuous, consistent and deep atmosphere (even with the seven different endings!). And the great soundtrack by EidoVolta is the absolute cherry on the top. Go ahead, play it  and comment on their submission page afterwards! I’m sure they’ll be super happy to hear from you. >>PLAY