Ludum Dare 40: I’ll Take You To Tomato Town

“I’ll Take You To Tomato Town” by Emma MochiDavid CzarnowskiMark Sparling & Adam Robinson-Yu.

“[P]robably a grocery store simulator. Check items off your list as you scour Tomato Town for the food you need.”

Well, that escalated quickly… “I’ll Take You To Tomato Town” is a weird grocery shopping game experience, where you get called by your jerk-wad friends, who want more and more different stuff. “Oh heyyy, did you just grab the five watermelons? Yeah? Greaaat… Can you please go now to the deli section and grab me six packages of rice?” – OH, COME ON NOW. And in the end you’ll see why I think of them as assholes. Ugh, those people… Sorry, my mind drifted away a bit.

What’s really great about this entry is the audiovisual overall package: You will definitely love the grabbing animation, the rampage-style consequences by your actions, the neat voice-over work (like the phone calls and the loudspeaker announcements) and the pun-filled products packagings. All of that makes “I’ll Take You To Tomato Town” to one of my particular favorites this Ludum Dare, because it’s simply stunning and funny work! >>PLAY