Ludum Dare 40: Jazzy Beats

“Jazzy Beats” by Whales And Games (Jorge M. Carvalho, José Sánchez & Robin Couwenberg).

“Reach the peak of idol stardom! Your rival is sending up her fans to […] push you out of the industry. What can you do? Well, punch them so hard they become your fans.”

Although I was confused with the idea of hitting the fans to love you, “Jazzy Beats” captures perfectly the theme of the fortieth Ludum Dare, which was “The more you have, the worse it is”. With the simple control scheme that the jam game provides, we must avoid that our rival’s fans give us a powerful beating while we use our own abilities so that they come to our side.

However, more and more fans will arrive over time, and soon we will find ourselves running around the stage with an army of little blue people behind us, while we wait for the skills to come out of the cool-down time. The art of “Jazzy Beats” also fascinated me, as it looks very polished and with a lot of personality. >>PLAY