Ludum Dare 40: Manage Your Stuff

“Manage Your Stuff” by Hannes Rahm, Fredrik Holma Melén, Rob Watling, Afe & Jake.

In “Manage Your Stuff” you have to fight against waves of enemies with all the weapons that you have in your inventory. You can throw grenades, you can use a death ray, you can slay them down with a sword or shoot at them with a gun, whatever you prefer and capable of. But there are two problems, of course. First of all, your inventory is limited to a space of five to four fields. So whenever you want to add a new weapon to it, you must have enough space. To guarantee that, you can merge weapons of the same kind to one.

The second problem is that you cannot decide which weapons you get, because it is the loot your enemies leave behind after their death. Thanks to this design, “Manage Your Stuff” is a neat strategy and resourcement management game, which I highly recommend you to try out. >>PLAY