Ludum Dare 40: Muldulamulom

“Muldulamulom” by Mason Lindroth.

“A straightforward metroidvania with a focus on graphics.”

While the surrealistic graphical style is absolutely stunning for sure, the bigger appeal of “Muldulamulom” comes more from the interesting level design as well as the different upgrades. For example, there is a passage in the game which I was not able to solve by using my new-found ability in the form of a sword, but instead by not taking advantage of it, as I needed to search for a non-violent way out of the situation.

That was a part of “Muldulamulom” that I found very confusing and great at the same time, because it kind of contradicts the metroidvania genre. And how could anyone not love a game which features worm riding knights, a glitchy and doomed starlit sky, some destructible environments as well as a magic carpet as an upgrade? >>PLAY