Ludum Dare 40: Of a Feather

“Of a Feather” by Gumboot (Brieyh’leai Simmons & Nic Lupfer).

“[A] tweetin[g] cute platformer where you flap your way up the trees trying to avoid tree gators, foxes, hedgehogs, cacti, etc[.] Gather other birds along the way by flying close to them to progress from level to level, making sure to keep them close by and out of the danger that surrounds you.”

In the most wonderfully chosen pastel shades there are the meanest perils hidden: Squirrels will throw nuts at you, foxes and alligators might just eat your friends, mean cacti will grow to hit you with their needles, damn, even the hedgehogs are little pricks! And even while the game environment itself may be quite dangerous, the overall feeling that the platformer “Of a Feather” provides can be described as simply relaxing and beautiful without any doubt. So lead your birdie friends to safety and enjoy each minute of it! >>PLAY