Ludum Dare 40: One for sorrow

One for sorrow by David Aguado, Alex T. Colombini, Vicent Ramirez & Juan Novella.

In “One for sorrow”, roulette meets “Darkest Dungeon”, as a small magpie man finds a spinning top lying around and decides to take it to his nest, but some unfriendly beings want to avoid it at all costs. The game presents a simple combat system based on a wheel of fortune with different effects, which the players can use to defeat the enemies. The wheel offers helpful rewards like doing damage or double damage as well as healing and many more. However, it also has traps, so that the poor character can be hurt by a spin or even heal the foes. As the players advance in the adventure, the roulette will absorb more and more options, until hitting the desired effect is no longer a simple task. >>PLAY