Ludum Dare 40: Tentagraba

“Tentagraba” by Vincent Schneider.

“Help our [octopus] friend [grabbing] the ceiling to reach the bowl on the other side of the […] [molten lava]! To do so, press and hold the letter keys displayed next to the grab points that are within your reach. [Do not] let your tentacles hang around too long if you [do not] want to end up [seared]! […] [The] more you win, the more tentacles you have, and the worse it gets!”

“QWOP” meets “The floor is lava” with a tiny pinch of “Octodad” – that is the shortest and most accurate description of the fantastic “Tentagraba” I can give you. The game itself is hilarious and even when it glitches around sometimes, it is still fun and not too punishing. >>PLAY