Ludum Dare 41: Binary Blocks

“Binary Blocks” by Antti Haavikko.

“[A] game about building binary trees to do one’s bidding. But there is a second “game” hidden in plain sight but it is only for […] evil people.”

You have to build a specific binary tree to collect all stars in the levels of “Binary Blocks”. You control the structure of the tree by sorting the blocks in the stack on the left side. The lowest block will be placed in the middle, afterwards it will grow under specific rules: When the next block has a higher value, it will go to the right side, if the block has a lower value, it will go to the left.

In some ways, “Binary Blocks” reminded me of the wonderful puzzle game “World of Goo”, as both games have an easily understandable, but difficultly to handle mechanic, which is based on the connecting of elements. Also, you can feel a special vibe in it, that did not get just implemented with the help of the mysterious, calm background music, but also because of a similarity between the goos and the blocks: Both are cute to look at, however the game does not care at all about them. They are disposable. Whenever you fail to solve a level on the first try, you can simply give it a retry by destroying all the smiling blocks. Speaking of destruction, do you remember how the description talked about a second hidden game? You may find it, when you are a bad person who knows that sometimes the beginning is already the end of something. >>PLAY