Ludum Dare 41: Crane Quandary

“Crane Quandary” by mobiusdisco & Strato.

“You’ve become trapped inside a prize-grab arcade machine! Utilize the crane to manipulate your environment and solve puzzles, enabling you to reach the stuffed animals!”

Thanks to the implementation of a claw crane as the main mechanic, the level design in the puzzle game “Crane Quandary” is absolutely astounding! You can grab and drop several elements of your environment to manipulate it to get a free way to your beloved teddy bear in each level, but also to collect new coins for another usage of the machine.

There aren’t just little violet human-face-blocks to grab, but also mushrooms which will allow you to jump higher when you touch them, nasty bugs which would kill you by direct contact, golden keys to open closed doors or in the later stages even a special crane remote! With this remote you can control the crane from any place you want to, which again opens up new exciting possibilites of the puzzle design.

Overall, “Crane Quandary” is a highly innovative puzzle game, which will twist the synapses of your brain in some stages. Because of the limited usage of the crane mechanic you will have to think carefully about each of your moves. I can totally see an expanded version of this fantastic jam entry and I really hope that the developers will work further on it. Stunning job! >>PLAY