Ludum Dare 41: Dark Soil

“Dark Soil” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Sylvain Guerrero, Robin Chafoin, Joachim Leclercq & Boris Warembourg.

“Cultivate your garden and earn souls from dangerous plant species[.] Get seeds and plant them on [s]oil tiles, then use your watering can to grow them and earn souls. Every 5 levels, you unlock a chest in the sanctuary that gives you a more powerful weapon and heal[s] you.”

Sometimes even a hack and slashing knight needs a break, so why shouldn’t they go for some old fashioned, relaxing gardening work, right? Well, maybe because the seeds will turn into terrifying monster plants, which will shoot or sick their seedling children at them. Oh well, at least a rake can be used as a weapon as well to stomp them down, and afterwards it’s possible to use their corpses as new seeds! More plant monsters, more fun, hooray!

All in all, “Dark Soil” is a silly fun game with some great pixel art, which will demand some fast playing skills from you, because you have to continually switch your items (your weapon, the water can and the three different kinds of seed) and to make sure that your water can isn’t empty, so you can grow new plants and get some points by them. So show me your green thumb and be a fantastic gardener! >>PLAY