Ludum Dare 41: Dark Soil

“Dark Soil” by Pietro Ferrantelli, Sylvain Guerrero, Robin Chafoin, Joachim Leclercq & Boris Warembourg.

“Cultivate your garden and earn souls from dangerous plant species[.] Get seeds and plant them on [soil] tiles, then use your watering can to grow them and earn souls. Every [five] levels, you unlock a chest in the sanctuary that gives you a more powerful weapon and [heals] you.”

Sometimes even a hacking and slashing knight needs a break, so why should they not go for some old-fashioned, relaxing gardening work? The fact that their seeds will turn into terrifying monster plants, which will shoot or sick their seedling children at them, could be a good objection. At least a rake can be used as a weapon as well to stomp them down. Afterwards it is also possible to use their corpses as new seeds – more plant monsters, more slashing fun. All in all, “Dark Soil” is a silly fun game with some great pixel art, which will demand some fast playing skills from you, as you have to continually switch between your items: Your weapon, the water can and the three different kinds of seed. >>PLAY