Ludum Dare 41: Dragoon Drop

“Dragoon Drop” by Joe Hanna, Micah Jones & Andrew Jones.

“[A c]ollectable [c]ard [p]latformer! Jump bounce off of enemies, platform, and swing your spear one card at a time while looking for treasure in a procedurally generated dungeon!”

This jam entry is basically a turn- and card-based platformer with a RPG-esque style. Join the hero, some kind of rat knight, in their quest to hack’n’slash through all the dungeons by choosing one card at a time. With each new stage you may encounter new types of cards; for example, there is the ‘Dash’ card, which will allow you to move two tiles in the next turn, or the ‘Lunge’ card, which will let you move one tile and attack afterwards. Other cards even have a drain effect, so that you can heal yourself by sucking out one hit point by an enemy. But instead of using a card, you can also just shred it or draw a new one – but be aware of the fact that you can have seven cards in your hand at maximum!

Thanks to this easy to understand game concept in combination with the fantastic pixel art plus the “Final Fantasy”-like battle music, “Dragoon Drop” is a great game to even spend some hours with. It’s just interesting to manage the own resources (the cards) efficiently and to figure out which tactics may be the best to go deeper and deeper into the game. A not just optical, but also game mechanical delight! >>PLAY